Online TV: Advantages over traditional TV


Watching television programmes on the computer has become very easy nowadays and convenient. The viewer can watch them at their convenience in the comfort of their room or wherever there want. In the earlier days when the internet connection was limited and slow, people found it difficult and tedious to buffer the programme and view it. But development in technology has led to the broadcast of high quality online TV service. There are many events which even though being telecast live on television may be missed by many people due to their being engaged with prior commitments like their school or college or office. Certain times due to the time difference some programmes cannot be viewed as it would be late night in some places.


There are many people who work as ireporters and require accurate timely and original articles which they could get by online TV news. One can access into any site and get live reports and happenings in that place. News is available in every language which is authentic. There are many companies in the net which offer round the clock online TV services.


The advantage of TV online over the traditional televisions is that there are plenty of channels which have better picture quality and transmission and can be recorded and sent to friends or relatives. The channels are all free and one does not have to spend any monies for watching online TV. There is no requirement of any cable connection or to request the cable operator to play a movie of one’s choice. One can browse the net and watch the movie of their choice in any of the channels.

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